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Hainan Jingang Biotech Co.,Ltd.(formerly Hainan Jingang Laboratory Animal Co.,Ltd.)is a private high-tech enterprises specializing in Non-human primate laboratory animal (Macaca fascicularis) product development, production, marketing and provision of animal experiments services, registered and established on August 1st, 2003, The company area about 24 ha.(360mu),Located at nayang xintan, Fucheng town, Qiongshan district, Haikou city, Hainan province, China. The company registered 141 million RMB. We awarded national experimental primate germplasm resource center hainan base in 2008 and the international AAALAC full accreditation in 2009 and re-awarded in 2012 and 2016. we awarded export qualification certification to Japan and South Korea in 2009. The experimental cynomolgus monkey are mainly exported to the United States, Japan,European Union and the domestic new drug safety evaluation centers such in Suzhou, Shanghai and Chengdu.

The company with best hardware facilities, 48 monkey breeding houses currently in use. We have 2 export quarantine buildings, with the maximum quarantine of 900 monkeys, each building with 15 rooms and each room have 30 single quarantine cages. Presently the amount of laboratory monkeys reaches about 20 thousand, including nearly 8 thousand studmonkeys, with an annual output of baby monkeys more than 4000,The laboratory monkeys, intending to export to the United States,Japan,EU and other countries, are self-breeding laboratory monkeys of F2, strictly according to the guidelines of CITES. 

Our company has over ten years management experience on experimental Macaca fascicularis standardization production, we have formulated standard operating procedures(SOPs) in animal feeding and management, disease prevention, health and epidemic prevention, inspection and quarantine, waste disposal and emergency plan, in order to guide and standardize the staff's routine work and to ensure the animal health and welfare requirements.

We have the haikou key lab of non-human primate animal quality detection, can independently carry out the internal and external parasites, bacteria,viruses,physiological and biochemical index tests for the pre-sale monkeys, and the third party viruses tests also can be entrusted to the VRL lab in China (Suzhou).

Our company attaches great importance to the animal experiment and scientific research work, has awarded 3 national invention patents,4 utility model patents,3 provincial awards and More than 10 research papers, carry out the research work of arthritis, diabetes and blood physiological and biochemical background data etc in cooperation with domestic and foreign scientific research institutes.The Schizophrenia、AD、PD monkey models are still in development.